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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

No Sew, Lyrics and Music, Slashed Tee: DIY

Saw this on Pinterest and I had to DIY it. 
You can too. Grab your scissors and let's go.


I saw on Pinterest
Urban Outfitters

Things you need.
  1.  Tee-Shirt. Mine is A Mens  Medium *I always use Hanes Tee shirts.
  2. Scissors
  3. Chalk

 Place your tee on a flat surface.
#1 Lay Front side down draw a shape like the picture above with your chalk.
#2 Draw your vertical lines.
#3 Carefully cut on your lines.

 Stretch out the material carefully,
this will curl your strips.
If you want to do the front strips, repeat Steps #1 through #3 on the front.
and stretch the material like you did the back.

 If you want  the fish tail look, fold your shirt sideways.
Draw a line like the one above.
Then cut on your line.

 It should look something like the picture above

 All finished
Hannah was so nice to model for me.

Have a wonderful day.
Lots of <3.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Lace Jean Cuff, DIY

If your jeans are too long  cut them and add a touch of lace in minutes.

Things you need.
  1.  Jeans
  2. Lace about 2 to 3 inches wide and about 30 inches long.
  3. Scissors
  4. Sewing machine or you can hand sew this.
 #1 cut the jeans to the length you want
#2 measure and cut your lace.
#3 Pin the lace to the inside of your jeans sew about an a half of an inch from the bottom of the jeans.

You can stop here and this is what they look like..peeking out from under your jeans.. OR......

 You can cuff the jeans,
Sew around the top of the lace to anchor it and have a lace cuff.

 I also added a little lace to one of the pockets. (Optional)
I hand stitched this.

Possibilities are endless.
Dye the lace a color then sew  it on.
Have a Super Saturday!
Lots of <3,

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

No Sew, Ladder Tee-Shirt, DIY. The Gigi.

 This shirt was inspired by a very special person.
Someone I think is simply amazing. 
She is one of the kindness, strongest women I know.

Things you need

  1.  Black Tee-shirt *I used a men's medium. I am 5'7" 135lbs
  2. Chalk 
  3. Sharp scissors

Cut out your collar.
This will make it sit off the shoulder.

 Draw our your pattern.
I drew 3 different rectangles
 draw lines across, in the middle of each  rectangle.
Then  carefully cut your lines.
stretch your material gently to make your strips more tubular.

 Cut a slit up one side of the shirt.about 10 to 12 inches

 Tie in a knot


There is so much you can do with a plain tee-shirt.
Be creative.

How I wore it HERE.
I hope you have a wonderful Tuesday night.
Lots of <3,

More No Sew, Tee-shirt DIY's

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Canvas Tote Bag, DIY

Thanks to the amazing people at Plaid and 
I was able to make my new neon bird  tote. 
I am always needing Tote bags to carry lunch, papers, makeup, and my art supplies, 
and it seems like I never have enough. 
FashionArtsProjects is available at Wal-mart,and online 
They have these wonderful canvas totes  and stencils
 so that  you can create a unique bag for yourself, 
make one as a special gift for your best friend, 
for your Mom or for your daughter to take to school.
 The canvas totes come three to a pack so you can decorate one for all three,
 however your little heart desires.

Things you need.
  1. Canvas Bag,
  2. Stencil,
  3. Neon Paint, Tulip
  4. Gold Fabric Paint, Tulip
  5. Black Paint, Plaid
  6. Brushes
  7. Scissors
  8. Tape
  9. Glue Mod Podge, Plaid
  10. 4 inch Mod Podge brush(not shown), Plaid

 Tape off your bag according to your design,
and paint.

 Then tape off , and paint your gold.

 Cut the stencil you are going to use and tape around it
 then tape it to your bag where you want it.

 carefully paint your bird.

 wait about 5 minutes and then remove your stencil.

I taped around the top edge and painted that black as well.

 I waited about 12 hours for it to dry. 
Once it was all dry I used my new 4 inch Mod Podge glue brush from Plaid
(which I love) and my Satin Mod Podge Glue by  Plaid 
 and sealed the whole bag with a layer of glue. 
Let the glue dry for about 2 hours and you are all done.
for more Craft ideas and craft supplies at their Website 
and Plaid for their paint glue and much, much more  at their Website

 I love my new tote.!
I had so much fun doing this I am in the process of making one more bag.
I hope your Sunday was a Happy one.
Lots of <3,

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Bead and Chain Necklace, DIY

I am always needing necklaces and I just love to create my own.
Here is one I came up with, easy and colorful. 
Need a necklace to match an outfit?
Why not make one in a snap.

Things You Need 

  1. Chain  *at least 57inches
  2. Wooden Beads *Wal-Mart craft department
  3. 1 small glass bead
  4. 2 medium jump rings
  5. 1 small jump ring
  6. 1 eye pin
  7. 1 lobster clasp
  8. Ruler
  9. Pliers

 Measure your chain.
One 16 inches, one18 inches, one 20 inches

 Now measure a small 3 inch piece of chain for the back of the necklace.

 Take your pliers and make the hole in your bead larger so that the chain slides through in easily.

 Slide your beads on your chain
***Important *** 
make sure your chain is straight.

 Now with your pliers open your jump rings.
add your chain to each jump ring and your lobster clasp,
Longest chain  first
then the middle chain
then the short chain
Repeat on the other jump ring.
  now close your jump rings.
    Add your eye pin to the glass bead.

    With your pliers cut the eye pin about 1 centimeter from the bead and make a circle 
leaving enough open to attach to the 3 inch chain.
Close the circle

Take your small jump ring and  with your pliers, open it and attach it to the other end of the 3 inch chain, then attach that to the back of the necklace, on the side that does not have the lobster clasp.
Close your jump ring.


The back
 Here is one with all three of the same size and color beads

Here is a multi -colored one with the yellow bead slightly bigger.

Have a wonderful Thursday.
Lots of <3,